• 99 bottles of pop on the wall, 99 bottles of pop

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Holly Byers 2 comments

    99 more days until the wedding–time flies!

    We’re getting RSVPs already, so that’s great! That way we know just how much food to provide. I’m really looking forward to the reception so we can be with all our friends and family. At first I was worrying about how to decorate the church’s basement–it’s so hard to know just how to decorate so it looks nice without making the walls look like a cascade of tulle or like a junior prom.

    Then somebody told me that it’s not the decorations that matter, it’s the people. How true! The best decorations are friends. So if I get a couple of rolls of duct tape, that should hopefully keep everybody pinned to the walls.

    (Kidding, just kidding! I’m in a funny mood–perhaps it’s the end of the semester that’s oh-so-close….)

    Truly, I think the only decorations Jeff and I will be using are table cloths, perhaps a little bit of crepe paper, and signs on the walls directing everybody to the fellowship hall at Central Presbyterian. The big empty space will feel nice and cozy with everybody there, and we will have fun. We’re going to have Alex Barrett, Central’s resident organist/pianist play the live piano music there. I honestly have no idea what songs he will be playing–we left that up to him. Whatever it is, it will be wonderful.

  • Email Info

    Posted on March 31st, 2010 Jeff Lipschultz No comments

    Oh, one more thing. To RSVP by email, feel free to use the form on the “Contact” tab above, the little envelope icon in the top bar, or just write to wedding@hollyandjeff.com

  • Invitations are out

    Posted on March 30th, 2010 Jeff Lipschultz No comments

    Howdy folks. The vast majority of invitations went out this morning — for those of you on the UNO campus, they should come in the second delivery this afternoon. For everyone else, watch your mail.

    We sincerely hope that you can attend, and would appreciate if you’d let us know whether you can or not, so we can order and prepare cupcakes, cookies, fruit, et cetera, accordingly. Thank you!

  • Make a wish: 111 more days!

    Posted on March 26th, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    Okay, it’s not 11:11 yet, but July 15th is coming up fast!

    maybe a little bit TOO fast. I’m still working on addressing the envelopes. So close to being done…I wanted to address them all by hand, which is taking a while, but I wanted to add that little touch. My goal is by the end of March. And it’s the 26th already. So, I have…5 more days. Good enough goal.

    Addressing invitations

    Of course, Pumpkin helped me by investigating my progress, walking over them, and laying on top of it. (Did you know invitations make for comfortable beds?)

  • THIS is a Omaha pothole…

    Posted on March 26th, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    It started out like any other pothole, as a small crack in the pavement, and then it got worse. And worse. And worse.

    And worse….Omaha can’t start working on it until fall.


  • Cupcakes for wedding cake (and 144 days!)

    Posted on February 21st, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    Grammy and Rich had such a pretty cupcake tier arrangement for their wedding cake in October, and that sold Jeff and me on the cupcake idea! So Grammy is going to bring her cupcake tree for our wedding in July. So, we priced the cupcakes, and decided to have Wheatfields, the local Omaha restaurant/bakery, make them for us. They make such tasty sweets….mmmmm….I’m thinking that chocolate cupcakes with white frosting would be really pretty. I’m kinda torn on whether I want a few interspersed cupcakes with red frosting to stick with the color theme, but as I think about it, that may not be the best of ideas. Will have to brainstorm with Jeff about it.

    One thing about having cupcakes is that we don’t have to worry about cutting it. I don’t really like it when the knife gets all “glompy.” Also, we can avoid so called “Cake Wrecks” by not getting too fancy a design… just like these cakes. The poor newlyweds. Some of those are epic disasters…feel free to laugh with them.

    The cupcakes, homemade cookies and other goodies, fresh cut vegetables and fruit, pop, water, punch…sounds like a great reception to me! So looking forward to having fun with all my friends and family at the reception that we’re holding in Central Presbyterian’s fellowship hall in the basement.

    We’ll also have live music, too–the organist/pianist at Jeff’s church agreed to play the piano for us. He is really good.

  • 156 more days to go!

    Posted on February 9th, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    …or about 5 more months…. Time is flying!

    Last week Jeff and I were taking a look at ideas for decorating for the reception. We realized that the wedding colors (white with splashes of red) was perfect from Valentine’s Day. So…after the holiday we’re going to hit the sales. I’m not sure how much or how little we should decorate, but I guess we have plenty of time to think about it!

    We’re also pricing food. We’re going to have a big cookie-making party the day or two before the wedding, as kind of a bachelor/bachelorette/wedding shower party, where we’ll provide the ingredients, and we’ll all bake some cookies, and have fun and hang out to relax :) For our Jewish and Muslim friends, we’re going to make sure at least some of the food is kosher/halal. And for our health-conscious friends, a dessert reception is broad enough to include cut fruits and vegetables. Just in case any of you were curious!

    Hmmmm….now, what kind of punch recipe should we use?

  • We found a guest book!

    Posted on January 31st, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    Etsy.com has the greatest homemade artsy stuff!

    This lady at elegantlyboundbooks.com makes handmade guest books which totally appealed to the library geek to me, because she binds them by hand. We picked the ivory swirl paper with a red ribbon, and a regular “lines and notes” layout…I’m totally looking forward to seeing her finished product!

    And the single bound book is only $32, so you really can’t beat that price for the quality.

    I’m procrastinating from homework, while looking at the site….

  • 167 more days

    Posted on January 29th, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    Busy busy busy

    Jeff finished designing the invitations, and the first one we tested printed just fine, so we’ll get started on that here pretty soon. He’s in charge of the printing and designing, and I get to address and stamp the envelopes, and we’ll mail them in….March, probably? How early do you do these things?

    In other news, I got accepted to San Jose State University’s MLIS program! Jeff is still waiting to hear back from the schools he applied to, but he should hear from them in the next month or two. We’re plugging away at our schoolwork, trying to stay on top of it. This is no time for us to get senioritis… Our kitty cats help us stay calm when it feels like everything is piling up :)

    img_2910This is Pumpkin being regal. She’s a very fun-loving cat and likes to bite Jeff’s pug (Winston) on his butt!

    img_3168This is Mistletoe (Missy for short) sunning herself. She’s a content cat, and still recovering from her declawing and deworming right now. She’s more laid-back.

  • 177 more days

    Posted on January 19th, 2010 Holly Byers No comments

    Ice storm tonight and tomorrow. Oh, please, don’t let it be the 1/4 inch they’re talking about!

    That’s one thing I’m really glad for–the wedding is going to be in July. March/April/May/June tend to be pretty stormy, but July and August, while on the warmer side, at least it’s sunny, so I don’t have to worry about messed up hair or rain on my dress. At least, with any luck it will be sunny :)

    Jeff finished designing the invitations today, and we ordered the paper and envelopes, and will be printing them up whenever we’re procrastinating from our homework…

    Things are speeding along!